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The Barque Sir George Arthur, on which my great, great grand father, James Clark Fisher immigrated to Tasmania with his brother William with their uncle and aunt William and Amy Gentry.
In the last few years I have taken an interest in my family ancestry. Through the internet I have been able to further the ancestry investigations of my father and other member's of my family.

My fathers family were a mix of Scottish, Irish and English. All my fathers great grandparents immigrated to Australia. My father's mothers side of the family to Tasmania and my father's father's side to Victoria. The surnames of my father's families were: McKenzie, Watt, Fisher, Hayes, Hynes, Campbell, Batson, Clark. They came from Essex in England, Peterhead and Findochty in Scotland and County Clare and Dublin in Ireland.

My mother's family were a mainly English with a bit of French. A few more generations back and there was some Welsh and more French from Department of Saintonge (now Charente Maritime),Port d’Envaux and St. Laurent-de-la-Prée. My mother's parents immigrated from England. The surnames on my mother's side of the family were: Norton, Pearce, Hughes, Ewins, Morgan, Gowlland, Davis, Carto, Kennett, Espinet or Espinette, Dansays.

For some history of my clan, the clan McKenzie. Go to the clan McKenzie homepage.

As I develop this site, I will add more information and more links to ancestry sites which have been a benefit to my researching.

The Doulton fountain on Glasgow Green (pictued here), was designed by my Great Grand father, Arthur Ernest Pearce for the International Exhibition held in Glasgow's Kelvingrove Park, in 1888. Arthur Pearce was a designer for Doulton and Co. (later Royal Doulton) who also designed the Doulton pavillions at the the Chicago Columbian exhibition 1893, and the Paris Exhibition of 1900. More information about the Doulton fountain can be read on the Glasgow sculpture website and about Pearce here, Glasgow sculpture. This site also as the name suggests, is dedicated to the extensive sculptures in Glasgow and information about the artists who did them.

Arthur Ernest PearceInformation page about Arthur Ernest Pearce which was written by the wife of one of my cousin's is Here.

Arthur Pearce's ancestors traced back to the French huguenot's

Pottery at the Power house museum, Sydney Australia, by Arthur Ernest Pearce

Cornelian bay cemetery, Tasmania

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